The iC2MC laboratory is dedicated to the chemical and physicochemical characterization of complex matrices through the use of state-of-the-art analytical instruments and the development of new analytical techniques.

Complex matrices mainly studied are listed below:

  • Fossil oils and gases
  • Bio-oils and pyrolysis oils of biobased materials
  • Pyrolysis oils of plastics
  • Environment and dissolved organic matter (DOM)
  • Aerosols

The iC2MC permanent staff is composed of several research teams located in different groups:

  • Analytical department team of Total Research and Technology Gonfreville (TRTG)
  • Mass spectrometry group of COBRA laboratory
  • Analytical chemistry group of IPREM laboratory
  • FT-ICR research group of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL)

Several students are also working in the iC2MC lab and are listed below:

Thirteen PhD students

  • Egon Kherchiche since 2023 (Rouen site)
  • Théo Sombret since 2023 (Rouen site)
  • Giulia Giacoppo since 2023 (Ferrara site)
  • Titziana Orlando since 2023 (Pau site)
  • Guillaume Limousin since 2023 (Rouen site)
  • Charlotte Mase since 2021 (Rouen site)
  • Maxime Sueur since 2021 (Rouen site)
  • Silvia Martinez since 2021 (Rostock site)
  • Jason Devaux since 2021 (Rouen site)
  • Joseph Come since 2021 (Pau site)
  • Alba Rodriguez-Otero since 2021 (Pau site)
  • Wladimir Ruiz since 2021 (Pau site)
  • Deisy Giraldo-Davila since 2020 (Pau site)

Four postdoctoral researchers

  • Carlos Celis-Cornejo since 2020 (Pau site)
  • Rémi Moulian since 2021 (TRTG site)
  • German Gascons since 2021 (Pau site)
  • Marie van Agthoven since 2023 (Rouen site)

Former graduate students

  • Mathilde Farenc, 2014-2017 (Rouen site)
  • Sara Gutierrez, 2014-2017 (Pau site)
  • Johann Le Maître, 2017-2020 (Rouen site)
  • Rémi Moulian, 2017-2020 (Pau site)
  • Oscar Lacroix since 2019-2022 (Rouen site)
  • Aurore Mere since 2019-2022 (Pau site)
  • Nathaniel Terra-Telles-Souza 2020-2023 (Pau site)

Former postdoctoral researchers

  • Christopher Rüger (2017-1019), now a permanent collaborator
  • Juan Sebastian Ramírez-Pardilla
  • Jasmine Hertzog since 2020 (Rouen site)
  • Julie Guillemant since 2020 (Pau site)
  • Maxime Enrico since 2020 (Pau site)
  • Julien Maillard since 2020 (Rouen site)